The Ontake Method from Japan is an innovative technique using a piece of bamboo filled with burning moxa wool to roll, tap and press on the acupuncture meridians using a metronome programmed to each meridian’s frequency.

The rhythmic application of heat, frequency and pressure triggers rapid shifts in your patients’ body condition and mood.

The method can be integrated into any meridian based practice, whatever your style of acupuncture or body work may be.

A gentle blend of smoke, warmth, rhythm, resonance and presence

Ontake Warm Bamboo is a moxibustion technique with two additional components: pressure and rhythm. A short piece of bamboo is filled with moxa wool. When the moxa is ignited, the bamboo gets hot and can be applied to the skin. The bamboo can be held, tapped, pressed or rolled rhythmically along the acupuncture channels and on specific points. Most importantly, with the use of a metronome, these techniques can be applied rhythmically at specific frequencies of beats per minute, namely, Dr Manaka’s meridian frequencies.

The treatment can be used as a branch treatment to augment acupuncture root treatment or as a non-pattern based root treatment in its own right. The rhythmic application of heat has proved extremely relaxing and can be used for stress relief, to soften tight muscles, relieve pain, and improve the movement and function of Qi and Blood.

By the end of this class you will be able to:
  • Systematically palpate the channels and note significant reactions
  • Load bamboo with moxa and light it safely
  • Perform tapping, touching and closing, rolling, standing, rocking, pressing, leaning, vibrating and knocking techniques with heated bamboo
  • List and apply the frequencies for each meridian
  • Apply a whole body warm bamboo treatment to strengthen the root
  • Describe Japanese acupuncture concepts of dosage and recognize sensitive patients
  • Remedy overtreatment using Ontake
  • Treat pain: select treatment channels according to the Ontake matrix and different holographic images of the body on the arms and legs
  • Apply warm bamboo to treat a broad range of conditions including headache, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, constipation, diarrhoea, stress, depression and anxiety,

Listen in to this podcast with Oran on the using the Ontake Warm Bamboo Method

Lecture and demo streamed live

Day 1: Saturday May 2nd, 9am – 5pm Central, 7 PDA pending
Day 2: Saturday May 9th , 9am – 5pm Central, 7 PDA pending

Why the split over two Saturdays?
Ontake is a physical, hands-on skill. In addition to covering the theory and the fundamentals, we’ll be presenting technique demos. These are pre shot with a pro videographer so it will give you an excellent close up look at the various techniques.

We’ll be presenting all of this live so we can engage as if we’re in the same room together. You’ll be able to ask questions, and share comments as usual. 

The split over two Saturdays will give you the week to practice what you learn on Day 1, then share your thoughts on Day 2. It’s always helpful to ask questions from a place of experience rather than conceptual theory alone. 


These are challenging times. We believe in the power of connection. Here’s how we can foster this while practicing social distancing.

  • One hour follow up coaching session on Saturday, May 23. Join Oran to get deeper into the practical considerations of using Ontake in your practice.
  • Complimentary access to the Qiological forum for 2 months. Discuss cases with fellow classmates. 
  • Replay will be extended to 60 days. Access the entire streamed event including the lecture, demo, and discussions.

A Bit of Fineprint
Forum 2 month complimentary access begins first day of class, May 2nd

Replay 60 day access begins the after the last day of class, May 9th

PDA Online demonstration of techniques and motor skills does not qualify for NCCAOM PDA. Their reason for this is because the process of learning motor skills usually requires some supervision and correction. That’s not easily done online with a group. We are working with the NCCAOM to offer the maximum PDA for this course. It may exclude demo time.We’ll update as soon as we can.

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Hands-on sensibility coupled with the power of moxa

Your Instructor For This Class

Oran Kivity is a veteran acupuncturist and international trainer from the UK, in practice since 1987. The founder of, the online directory of Japanese acupuncture, he has dedicated countless hours of clinical observation and study to integrate the knowledge of contemporary Japanese masters.

He is the author of Moxa in Motion with the Ontake Method, a step-by-step guide to these dynamic new Ontake moxibustion techniques that will have you reaching for your moxa as routinely as you do for your pins.

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And check out Oran's Facebook page on the Ontake method. There is some helpful background information and videos as well. 

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