Vitality, Attention, & Sensing


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Vitality, Attention, & Sensing
Chip Chace

There are many ways to attend to our patients in clinic. One approach is to tap into our innate human ability to touch, palpate and sense.

In this course we touch on the importance of down-regulating our nervous system. Along with the use of palpation and sensing references to anchor our ideas about what might be going on for a patient, and to track the progress of the treatment as it unfolds.

Additionally, we touch on the use of the eight extraordinary vessels and their relation to internal cultivation, take a look at the relatively new emergence of using the divergent channels, and discuss the difference between intending and attending during the treatment process.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • The importance of down regulating our own nervous system.
  • The importance of settling, suppling, integrating, and opening when attending to the engagement of vitality.
  • How with practice the yang qi of the body is palpable, as are the fluids.
  • The lack of historic reference to the channel divergences, and the relatively recent emergence of their use in clinical treatment.