Treating Sciatica


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Treating Sciatica
Laura Christensen

Sciatica is a common complaint that brings people into the acupuncturist’s office. And it’s often treated well with acupuncture. But there are times when a situation that seems straightforward is anything but.

When you start to think about how sciatic pain can be an issue of the dai mai, and how the dai mai is involved not only in the structural aspects of pelvic function, but also in the functional flow and health of the 12 main channels, it’s easy to see how what at first glance appears simple can quickly turn complex.

Listen in for a discussion of the importance of hands on assessment, the way deficiencies lead to excess and why it’s helpful to have palpatory findings that give you feedback on the effectiveness of your treatment.

In This Conversation We Discuss

  • Basics steps of assessment of any patient with pain
  • The role of pelvic torsion
  • The importance of a strong dantian and kidney function
  • Why a lot of local needles can make a situation worse