Errors and Adverse Reactions Opportunities to Deepen Our Practice


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Errors and Adverse Reactions
Daniel Schulman

Our patient's adverse reactions to acupuncture can trigger a kind of disorientation and fear. And this is when we have an opportunity to learn something that we didn’t previously know.

It requires a certain amount of maturity the part of the practitioner to hold steady in a moment of deep uncertainty. And degree of personal development on the part of both patient and practitioner to not let unforeseen reactions stop what might be an important turn in a patient’s healing process.

In this conversation we consider adverse reactions to acupuncture, how to tell the difference between an uncomfortable healing process and an unskilled treatment, and how uncertainty is part of the game when practicing medicine.

In This Conversation We Discuss:

  • How to distinguish between an incorrect treatment and a healing crisis
  • Decoding what a patient means when they say “a little better”
  • Navigating the tension between spontaneity and rote knowledge
  • Considerations for working with lurking pathogens
  • How to turn difficult moments into opportunities to learn something new