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  • Learn about the core skills needed to use body-friendly language successfully.
  • Understand what Clean Language is and why it’s advantageous in the therapeutic relationship
  • Discover how mindful movement practices, like Dao Yin, help you cultivate many of the core skills you need to embody the principles and practice of Clean Language.

Lesson 1: Qi is a Relationship

  • Learn how to work mindfully to cultivate rapport with yourself through Dao Yin movement, observation and a few Clean Questions
  • Discover how to cultivate a respectful, secure connection with your patient, one that invites them to feel safe exploring their own internal experience.
  • Foster an attitude of curiosity toward your patient’s experience by asking one powerful Clean Question, “And is there anything else about that?”

Lesson 2: Mind, Matter, and Metaphor

  • Practice how to be present with what comes up in the present.
  • Discover how apt the body-mind is to offer up a metaphor and how you can work with metaphor to elicit deeper understanding, awareness, and insight.
  • Learn how to invite your patient into the realm of metaphor through the clean question “and that x is like what?”
  • Learn the five key Clean questions that help your clients follow these threads to discover the inner resources they are looking for.

Lesson 3: The Outcome Question

  • Use Clean Language to assist patients in discovering what they really want and empower their motivation and self-healing processes.
  • Help your patient get to ‘yes.’ When a person learns the power of accepting the problem and imagining what they would really like to have happen, then step-by-step they begin to embody that healthier life and live it in the now. 

Lesson 4: Structuring a Clean Conversation

  • Discover how clean collaboration will clarify your diagnosis and make your work more effective in the time you have
  • Learn the five principles of structuring a clean session 
  • Investigate how you might best structure your initial visit for you and your patient in terms of time and office environment, and your presence
  • Gather take-aways so patients can support themselves at home

Closing: Integration and Coaching

  • Develop confidence in using Clean Language as a coaching tool
  • Learn how the Closing Questions empower your patients to set their own objectives
  • Clarify and commit to your personal goals in using Clean Language in your practice



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