Ba Zi – The Eight Characters of Influence


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Ba Zi-The Eight Characters of Influence

Paul Wang

Our lives unfold in space-time. It’s the water in which we swim and so like fish, it is difficult to know the influence of the matrix within which we live our days and experiences our lives.

The Chinese ba zi, the eight characters, is a system based on the heavenly stems and branches that can help us to orient to the influences that shape us and can guide us in making sense of certain seasons of our lives.

The Ba Zi can help us or our patients to better understand the arising and falling away of particular influences that can affect our health and wellbeing.

Listen in to this conversation on how these eight characters of influence can help us to orient to the cycles of heaven and earth.

In This Conversation We Discuss

  • What the eight characters of the Ba Zi represent

  • A case of using the Ba Zi to gain insight into fertility issues

  • The Ba Zi can help to make explicit what is implicit

  • Part of healing is bringing our patients into the present moment