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 Discussion and conversation are elemental to Chinese medicine.


Chinese medicine is based on a science that does not hold itself separate from the phenomena that it seeks to understand. There is no place to stand outside of what we are trying to comprehend. No way to avoid being in the soup we are trying to understand. Our medicine did not grow out of Petri dish experimentation or double blind studies. It comes from observing nature and our part in it. From the tidal flows of growth and decline. It comes not from the observation of dead structures, but that of living systems with their ever-present elemental interactions.

Chinese medicine is not one unified system of medicine. And we would be deeply mistaken in an attempt to make it such. But there is a core set of principles that give rise to a wide variety of practices. We rely on an understanding and appreciation for the workings of Nature. And grow from our clinical experience, which is really is an ongoing discussion with our patients.

Since the days of the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic we have relied on conversation and discussion to understand nature, our place in it and how this pertains to healing and cultivation of life. Many of our foundational texts include the character ‘lun’ which translates as discussion, view, opinion, or discourse. Learning our medicine is not unlike practicing our medicine, it comes from interaction.

Qiological is a podcast series for practitioners of East Asian Medicine. It’s a place to come to with questions and an inquiring mind. Hopefully an opportunity to expand our understanding in ways that help us to better help our patients. Listen in, join the discussion, and share your perspective.

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